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    When I was three and half years old, enthroned on the seat of previous Bakula Rinpoche at Lamayuru monastery with traditional ceremony after having ordained as novicy monk. His holiness Chetsang Rinpoche appointed my uncle, Drupon Sonam Kunga as my tuitor. I studied from him liturgical performances of Drikung tradition and also philosophical texts by heart and how to empower the tantric traditions to the public and so on for seven years.  As per the His Holiness Chetsang Rinpoche’s wish, I went to D.K. Institute Dehradun, when I was one years old, where I studied thirteen volumes of Buddhist philosophical texts, grammar, poetry, thesaurus and English language, for seven years. I was entrusted to correction works for Skyoppa Rinpoche’s literate work for one year. After that I went to Varanasi to study Sanskrit and Hindi language and higher Tibetan grammar for two years. After that I came back to Dehradun and received complete initiation of Drikung Cho-sung i.e. guardian’s deities as well as Taglung tradition from Taglung Jabstung Rinpoche. Then I came back to Ladakh and studied medicine from Amchi Tsewang from Kanji village and went to collect medical plants from the Himalayas Mountains with the teacher. When I entered to 21 years old, and on wards, living in Ladakh, I studied the complete mask dance performance, liturgical rhyme, musics, drawing, etc and in 2003 I invited two senior monk experts in the liturgical several performances and request them to teach all performance to young 30 monks at Leh. The two taught 30 monks mask dance, how to play Trumpet, flute, rhymes. I spent some money far thin and some of my friends has also donated for the virtuous works. Again I went to D.K. institute at Dehradun and received complete oral transmission and initiation and also two time oral transmission of Kagyur, the tri-pitaka over there. I wanted to study Chinese language and for thin I went to Fo-guang shon school in Taiwan. But I had to come back after one month. I worked on Ladakhi language and wrote a Ladakhi grammar which was released by Mr. Rigzin Spalbar when he was holding the chief executive councillor of Ladakh Hill Development Council in June 28/2005.